This is our brand new product adding to our store, I have used this silicone cupping cup for some time now and it's wonderful, I use the smallest one for my fine lines under my eyes, around my lips, eyebrows, the medium size for my face and neck. I use it a least three times a week for five to ten minutes, I just apply some nourishing cream oil to the area where I want to work it, I press cup mouth to my skin, release, and move it slowly in straight lines, circles, or zigzags, it leaves my skin glowing and smooth. It also comes with two larger cupping cup for the body, those I leave it in my shower room so like that I won't have any excuses of not using it because of it's right in front of me. For this larger cupping cups, I do it the same way I do it with the facial cup that only differences are that sometimes I use my body soap or gel instead of cream oil, I can see that my legs and belly feels tighter, and cellulite has become better! I love this product and the size is perfect too, I take it everywhere with me when I'm traveling.